Speaking Tips – For Entrepreneurs

There’s an old joke about people being more afraid of public speaking than death. Standing up in front of a crowd can be one of life’s most terrifying experiences, but it doesn’t need to be.

Follow these suggestions to help you perform without fear during your next presentation:

  • Use PowerPoint. While not appropriate for every function (such as speaking at a funeral!) a PowerPoint presentation can remove pressure to get your message across because you’ve got words and visuals to back you up. Learn how to create a PowerPoint presentation and try to keep your slides to a maximum of five lines and no more than eight words per line.
  • Rehearse. Practice makes more than perfect, it will also help you to relax. Invite some family members or work colleagues to a trial run of your upcoming presentation.
  • Visualize Success. Picture yourself making a great presentation and it will be so. Focus on the content you’ll deliver to help take your mind off the fact you’ll be standing up solo in front of a crowd.
  • Relax. Don’t rehearse the day of your big presentation. Try to do something else instead. It will help you to relax. When the time comes for you to step up to the podium, simply do it without thinking about it too much. Realize the few minutes before you start a speech are the most stressful ones, and that once you’re up and talking you’ll be great.

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– Startup Expert Roger Pierce advises new entrepreneurs at http://www.BizLaunch.ca


One response to “Speaking Tips – For Entrepreneurs

  1. Martin Cleaver

    I love public speaking.How can I get on the speaking circuit to do more of it?

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