Picking a domain name

With Roger Pierce

They say every word in the English Dictionary is now registered as a dot-com domain name. That makes it frustrating for new entrepreneurs hoping to build a new website around their carefully-chosen business name.

Don’t despair because you still have these options:

  • Go for dot ca. There’s nothing wrong in showing your Canadian pride by registering a dot ca domain name. In fact, you’ll have a better chance at landing your preferred words because most words and combinations of words are taken as dot com.
  • Register a slogan or benefit. If the name of your new small business is already taken as a domain name (such as BlueSkyCatering.com), instead, consider registering words that describe what you do or focus on a benefit (such as www.TopNotchFood.ca).
  • Buy a registered domain. Many domain names are gobbled up by speculators hoping to lure an offer from you. If there is no live site attached to a particular domain, it may be owned by a reseller. If you really have your heart set on a particular word or words, approach the owner. In some cases you can buy an inactive but registered domain for a few hundred dollars.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO). At the end of the day, don’t get too hung up on the words you use for your domain name. It’s how well you promote your website online that really counts. Engage an online marketing expert to help draw visitors to your new site – whatever you name it.

One response to “Picking a domain name

  1. i prefer to come up with a name that's not in the dictionary that way you have unique brand from day one

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