Small biz holiday cheer

It’s that time of year when many small business owners panic about what to do for their customers expecting a little holiday cheer.

If you’re one of them, consider these affordable options to help wish your customers the best of the season:

  • Holiday greeting cards. Not the most original gesture, but perfectly acceptable. Be sure to send cards that are non-denominational and void of references to “Christmas”. For a classy touch, spend a few bucks to get your own custom cards printed up.
  • Customer Party. Hosting an event for your customers doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Book a venue where you can bring in your own booze and food to reduce costs. Invite your suppliers to contribute some money or prizes to the event. Keep it short and early evening…a drop-in event held after work from 5 to 7 p.m. makes it easy for people to attend.
  • Gifts. If you want to reward a handful of your best customers, consider sending a corporate gift. Shop around for goodie baskets, martini shakers, gift certificates or anything else worth less than $50. To treat a larger number of clients, consider ordering a quantity of one gift with your business logo or name imprinted on it. However, be careful not to send something too rich…some of your customers may face corporate restrictions about accepting lavish gifts from suppliers.

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