Creativity Counts

One of the joys of being an entrepreneur is the opportunity to challenge or change the status quo. After all, some of the world’s greatest businesses were launched by people who decided to think and act differently.

Take inspiration from these examples of creative thinkers:

  • A new funeral home in Winnipeg offers web casts of funerals. Mourners may login to to attend a funeral service in real time, or elect to pay their respects later by watching an archived web cast.
  • Challenging the notion that fishing is a man’s sport, sells pink fishing rods, tackle and gear exclusively for female anglers.
  • E-commerce experts at created a really cool new “drag and drop” shopping cart system that recently debuted on The feature eliminates the old “add to cart” click methodology by allowing online shoppers to simply grab a product with their mouse and drop it into their shopping cart.

Startup Expert Roger Pierce advises new entrepreneurs at


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