Small Business Marketing Genius Wanted is looking for someone that would like to work in a fast growing small business start-up. The person needs to be marketing and promotions superstar.

I am looking for somebody that can:

  • Write press releases with some guidance
  • Develop our monthly newsletter
  • Keep our facebook, myspace, meetups, Blogs updated
  • Updated our website regularly
  • Get on the phone and encourage people to attend our seminars
  • Update and improve our database of organizations
  • Organize events
  • Come up with promotional ideas that are daring and exciting. Wearing a purple wig to attract attention downtown so we can fill our seminars would be an example
  • Come up with some guerrilla marketing tools that are free or nearly free to grow our business

If you have worked in a corporate environment this job will probably not suit you as you will be required to manage yourself

If you would like to start your own business one day this job will probably suit you. Please tell us at least 3 months before you decide to leave. We will wish you well and probably coach you for free too.

If you’re really good you may get the opportunity to travel across Canada or even the world, if the owners don’t feel like travelling.

You will learn something new everyday but don’t think you’re going to earn a fortune. You’re probably going to work with us because you have a passion for small business. Our office is a fun place to work in you will love it most days.

Please send me a 1 page resume and 1 page marketing plan to


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