How To Attract Qualified Prospects To Your Website (at no cost!)

You can have the greatest service or product in the world but without a “starving crowd” of people who want or need what you have to offer, you are facing an uphill climb.

Here’s one way to attract prospects and increase your exposure on two critical fronts – higher ranking in the search engines and getting your sales message in front of more eyeballs.

Write articles that would be useful to your target market and submit them to online article directories. One of the most common directories is

It’s free. It’s effective. And it’s easy to do. Here’s how it works:

Most prospects welcome help when it comes to buying. Help in the form of answering their questions in a meaningful way. Addressing the issues and concerns they have regarding the product or service.

Your job with your articles is to provide it. The purpose of the article is not to sell directly but to develop credibility with your potential client or customer by helping them understand the ins and outs your product or service. Stuff like how it works. Why it’s effective. Things to watch out for. By turning on the lights for your prospect, and giving them insights into how to make the best buying decision they can, you transform yourself from seller to confidant.

Article writing allows you to spread your knowledge across the internet and get your sales message in front of more people who can become your customers. As people read your articles and see that you have worthy content, many will be intrigued to find out what else you have to offer. Not only will they investigate you further, some will forward your article to people in their network. This is a form of viral marketing and it’s one instance where viral has a positive connotation.

A word of caution: It’s essential that you present clear, precise and useful content to your readers.

At the end of every article you submit, include a resource box which identifies you as the creator of the article. (see mine at the end of this article) That way, the reader can click on your link and be directed to your website.

But I’m not a writer you say. You don’t have to be a great writer. You need to be an effective communicator. Write the way you would if you were talking face to face with your prospect. Like I’m doing now. That’s the best way to get your message across.

But I don’t have the time. These articles are only about 500-600 words in length. Similar to the one you’re reading here. Although it takes time to produce the content, trading a couple of hours of time for valuable online exposure to is a pretty good investment.

And, if you plain just don’t want to do it but can see the value in using this online marketing strategy, you can a web copywriter to write your articles for you and submit them on your behalf.

Which is exactly what a client of mine asked me to do a couple of months ago. She is having a new website developed and wants to keep it primed with fresh, new content on a regular basis which will get the attention of the search engines and keep them high in the ranking.

Writing articles and submitting them to online directories is an inexpensive way to increase your exposure. Give it a try!

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About The Author: Gerry Black is a website copywriter and online marketing consultant. He writes copy that generates leads and sales for a solo professionals and small businesses. He writes website text, ezine content, direct mail sales letters and other marketing documents. You can learn more about how he can add value to your business at http://www where you can get an immediate download of his FREE REPORT, “How To Turn Your Website Into a Selling Machine.”


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