Join ProfitCLUB in Calgary

ProfitCLUB is specifically designed for small to medium sized business owners and professionals and each event is designed so that you maximize your potential, build your business, build your network, build your profit and build your knowledge. Unlike other groups, ProfitCLUB have marketing systems to assist in your groups’ growth rather than just relying on you to bring in new members. This way you can concentrate on YOUR business rather than on ours.

Being a ProfitCLUB member means you also get to attend FREE business building workshops run by Business Coaches that teach you how to work on your business rather than in it and help you avoid the common pitfalls most business owners make.

Latest statistics show the average person knows at least 200 other contacts. By being a member of your local ProfitCLUB, you will have an instant network of 3,000 people who are having your product or service recommended to them!

Members of Action’s ProfitCLUB actively network for your business, so it’s just like a sales team of 15-25 people that costs your business nothing… By simply joining your local ProfitCLUB you’re taking a step in generating contacts to help you grow your business.

There is not obligation to you. Simply come along to ProfitCLUB as a visitor, and if you can see the benefits for you and your business then you’re welcome to join… To find out where your local group is meeting next, contact your local ActionCOACH

Jarrod Stanton Tel:403-826-8112


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