Advice for Small Business from Steven Covey

Dr. Covey provides the following advice on how to
empower employees:

1. Define a purpose. Ensure everyone in an organization
understands his or her role and responsibilities.
Clearly articulate to employees why heir work is
important and set expectations ahead of time.

2.Promote teamwork. When employees are given a chance to
contribute ideas, better solutions emerge. Teamwork is
best recognized in a culture where everyone's voice is

3.Find and inspire trust in others. By recognizing
everyone's contributions to the team, dividing up
tasks becomes simple. Understand that every member
of a team brings valuable experience. By harnessing
that experience, employees begin to feel ownership.

4. Unleash potential. While policies and procedures are
important, following the rules too closely can lead to
stifled ideas. Some of the best ideas come from new ways
of thinking.

5. Understanding your employee's needs. To a leader, the
growth of a staff is integral to the growth of the
business. When a leader understands their dreams and
aspirations, employees feel that they are being heard.

6. Provide recognition. As a leader, communicate worth and
potential so employees can do their best work. Recognize
employees for a job well done.
Where: Dr. Covey's entire seminar is available in the Office Live

Seminars archives, which can be found at


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