Green Thinking

Are Canadians ethically savvy shoppers or simply confused about
what makes a “green” product green? Marketing and Ipsos Reid
polled 1,000 consumers from across the country to find out

I am buying more environmentally friendly products than I did
even one year ago

Agree: 71%
Disagree: 23%
Don’t know/doesn’t apply: 7%

I am willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products

Agree: 57%
Disagree: 38%
Don’t know/doesn’t apply: 5%

Most companies don’t pay enough attention to their own environmental

Agree: 77%
Disagree: 16%
Don’t know/doesn’t apply: 7%

I find it confusing sometimes to know which products are better for
the environment

Agree: 72%
Disagree: 23%
Don’t know/doesn’t apply: 5%

What information would help make purchasing environmentally friendly
products easier for you?

Information on packages and labels on items: 73%
Advertising campaigns: 36%
Company’s website: 16%
Third party source: 23%
Don’t know/doesn’t apply: 13%

I am skeptical about most companies’ claims of being environmentally

Agree: 72%
Disagree: 23%
Don’t know/doesn’t apply: 5%

Which of the following best describes the type of consumer you are
when it comes to buying everyday products?

I always purchase environmentally friendly products when they are
available even if I have to pay more: 12%

I buy environmentally friendly products,but don’t actively seek them
out and wouldn’t usually pay more for them: 49%

I buy the product I prefer based on cost, quality or some other factor
regardless of whether or not the product is environmentally friendly: 35%

Don’t know/doesn’t apply: 4%

How much would information about a company’s environmental behaviour
affect your purchasing decision?

A lot/some: 62%
A little/not at all: 35%



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