10 Tips For Making Your First Sale

So you’ve started a new business. Or maybe you’ve taken a job as a new salesperson. Congratulations! Now the work begins to make your first sale and start a pattern of success. So here are ten tips to help you make your first sale.

#1. Sell It Top Down

When selling something available at different price points, start with the most expensive option and why it’s the best at alleviating key pain points. If you sense hesitation, make your way to the next best option and so on. This educates customers so they feel better about laying down their money, but it also anchors them to a more expensive choice. Just don’t overwhelm them with options.

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Free Resources to Train Your Employees

Employees are the key to a small business’s long-term success. Small business owners and managers spend a good deal of time hiring, motivating and training their employees to ensure efficient operations and stellar customer service. These are keys to longevity.

A few months back we focused on how to find the right talent and motivate employees. Now we look at free resources to keep your team on the cutting edge of their fields.

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Get More Customer Referrals With Great Customer Service

Of all the ways we work to get new customers, the referral is the most successful. Companies with referral programs report higher conversion rates, quicker sales cycles, and higher lifetime value of that referred customer. A referral means your customer(s) are so happy with the product or service you provide that they become your sales representatives.

So how does a small business get more referrals? In addition to having a referral program where you are actively soliciting for them, you first have to start the beginning: great customer service.

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Tools You Need to Help Your App Succeed

Mobile apps continue to be sources of new revenue for companies of all sizes and are often new entrepreneur’s first foray into running their own business. For many existing small firms, a mobile website with responsive design is enough to satisfy their current needs. However, for those looking to expand their customer base or start a new business, we’ve put together a few tools you’ll need to help your app succeed in a very saturated market.

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3 Overlooked Ways to Foster Better Teamwork Among Freelancers

You may have heard of the “gig economy”, a rising trend in which work is increasingly done by freelancers and contract workers. Fostered by the cloud and improving mobile services, many small businesses benefit on both the giving and the receiving side of this growing trend.

However, if you manage several freelancers across your different projects, you know that it can be almost a full-time job managing the team to ensure high-quality, collaborative work is done. But if your freelance team can work together, with minimal oversight, you’ll find yourself going through that “To Do” list in no time.

So we’re going through three overlooked ways that you can foster better teamwork among your freelancers.

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Creating A Small Business That Lasts

Small businesses are a critical part of the Canadian economy, accounting for 97.9% of all firms in the country and creating 87.7% of all the new jobs. But it’s volatile and risky to start a small business. During the height of the financial crisis, 86% of small businesses failed, and in 2013, more small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) went out of business than started.

But these odds don’t stop thousands of Canadians from realizing their dreams of being their own boss. So how can you set yourself up for success to beat the odds and create a small business that lasts?

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A Quick Guide To Becoming A Franchise Owner

So you want to be a franchise owner? Many have found great success opening a franchise or several franchises so if you’re considering taking the plunge, we want to help with this quick guide to becoming a franchise owner.

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