5 Golden Rules of Pitching Your Business

If you’re starting a business, the truth is you’ll need to get funding. Last month, I reviewed the sources of funding for small businesses. Regardless of your sources of funding, you’ll need to follow the five golden rules of pitching your business so you can get the funding your small business needs.

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Raising Money For Your Business

How am I going to get the money I need to start or grow my business? It’s a question every business owner has asked themselves multiple times. Let’s look at the different sources of capital and the cost and benefits of each. And register for our free webinar, Raising Money For Your Business to help you prepare.

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Start 2017 Off With The Right Annual Planning

It’s the end of another year which means it’s time for many small businesses to build a plan for 2017. It can be an arduous process for some, that requires time away from actually running your business. But, it’s critical if you’re to make any progress in the coming year. So start 2017 off with the right annual planning.

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4 Ways to Become a Better Presenter

Life is a stage and small business owners especially understand that they are always in the spotlight. From motivating employees to pitching new clients, you’re always presenting. But, many of us don’t feel as comfortable as we’d like.

So let’s look at three ways to take your presentation skills to the next level. Who knows? Maybe you’ll feel good enough to hit a TEDx stage.

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3 Ways to Increase Website Traffic Now

Drive more traffic to your website. Easier said than done, especially for a small business. But, more traffic means a larger customer base and more revenue. While you may be doing pretty well, there’s always room for improvement.

So let’s go through the best ways to increase your website traffic now.

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Two More Low Cost Marketing And Sales Tactics

Marketing is critical to the sustainability and success of any small business. A well-thought out marketing strategy and execution can scale a small business and alleviate pressure from the owners and partners of the company. But too often we, as small business owners, think we need to spend a lot on fancy marketing automation and email service providers to have any impact. While those tools are useful for some firms, small business marketing does not have to cost a lot.

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5 Cold Email Hacks to Drive More Sales in Q4

It’s the fourth quarter and if you’re like most small businesses, you’re in a crunch to make your annual goals. One way your sales and marketing department can increase their leads and shorten their sales cycles is a well-crafted, well-timed email. Don’t get left out in the cold.  Follow these five cold email hacks to drive more sales in Q4.

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